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Agriculture for Life

Connecting scientific knowledge and the needs of rural producers to drive more effective, profitable and sustainable agribusiness, this is the purpose of AgriforLife .

Agri for Life Initiatives

Promoting the development of effective, profitable and sustainable agriculture


Diffusion of knowledge

Develop training and knowledge dissemination programs that promote initiatives to transform agriculture.


Unite ideas. Build the future

Collaborate in the development of new technologies for agriculture, actively participating in an innovation ecosystem (startups) that aims to make a difference in people's lives.


Promote the concept of sustainable agriculture

Work with communication actions that aim to promote the acceleration of the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices.


Partnerships that transform

Partnerships with companies, universities and government for projects that promote a transformation of society and have great social impact


Co-creating AgriforLife

Collaboratively work with the technological development of new disruptive products and services that promote more effective, profitable and sustainable agribusiness.


Intelligence in sustainable practices

Use of indicators that assist in crop management, with regard to regeneration and the best use of resources.

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